You can create your career in 

…where local and international businesses thrive in an environment where entrepreneurs continually find bold and innovative ways to progress and traditional businesses flourish side-by-side with a growing film industry, which promises a staggering potential benefit to the entire region.

Home to the world-class Pinewood Atlanta Studios, a film mecca rivaling Hollywood for producing movies, television, music and video games, Fayette County boasts a growing roster of global businesses. Panasonic Automotive Systems, Hoshizaki America, NCR, Eaton, and TDK all have significant operations in the county, thanks to unimpeded international access and Georgia’s strong business climate.

From the numerous regional and national headquarters located in Peachtree City’s industrial park to the franchises, unique shops, and professional practices throughout the county, Fayette businesses provide services and products residents need – as well as tax dollars and jobs critical to the local economy.