TV and Film

If you want lights, cameras, and action, then come to 

If you’ve turned on the television or gone to the movies recently, you’ve probably seen us and didn’t even realize it. Bringing Pinewood Studios Atlanta to Fayette County put us on the international entertainment business map. It’s a great beginning, but only half the picture.

Georgia’s film industry is truly booming. In fact, Georgia is currently ranked #1 (according to the annual Film L.A. Report) in the nation behind Hollywood and New York in terms of number of productions. Worldwide, it’s ranked fifth. Given these kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder so many individuals and businesses are interested in finding a way to work with this lucrative and growing industry.

The 700-acre Pinewood Atlanta complex boasts 400,000 square feet of workshop, office and production support facilities as well as 18 sound stages, a fully functional on-site media hub, and backlots.

More than 100 new businesses have relocated or expanded in Georgia to support the film industry, according to Georgia’s Department of Economic Development. Nearly 30 of those have set up shop at Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayette County or the affiliate Production Centre located across the street from the film facility.

But wait, there’s more! Pinewood Atlanta is not the only studio in the county.

Founders Studio recently announced that they are coming to hang out with us too. At full build-out, Founders Studios will boast more than 250,000 square feet of stage space and 225,000 square feet of office and flexible space.

The Founders developers are also planning a mixed-use district with a boutique cinema, gourmet restaurants, high-end retail shopping, convenient walking spaces, green spaces and upscale residential living. The model is similar to Pinewood Forrest, a 234-acre “live, work, create” community also underway in Fayette County.